Mental Koenigsegg Regera debuts in production spec

We said yesterday that the Bugatti Chiron is the most powerful production car in the world. Not any more, for Koenigsegg has taken the wraps of its new Regera.

Let’s go through the headline numbers: 1,500bhp, 1,475lb/ft of torque, 0-62mph in 2.8secs, 0-186mph in 10.9secs and 93mph-155mph in 3.9secs. Interestingly, Koenigsegg hasn’t made any claims about the Regera’s top speed, but has quoted a 0-249mph(!) time of 20 seconds. We suspect experiencing that kind of power and acceleration is physically painful.

You might expect to find a hyper drive system in place of an engine, but the Regera uses a 5.0-litre V8, boosted by a pair of football-size turbos and no less than three electric motors (one on the crank and two for the rear wheels). The motors are fed by a 4.5kWh battery pack that discharges some 525kW.

In place of a gearbox is a revolutionary ‘Direct Drive’ system. A hydraulic coupling opens under power from a standstill, but as revs rise the coupling closes and the crank-mounted electric motor provides extra oomph low down the torque band. Throttling off, the electric motors take over entirely. A clutch-slip function will be added for production to make quick getaways easier.

Though the bodywork appears clean and simple, there is a lot of aero trickery going on. Aside from the ultra-sleek shape, the front splitter, rear diffuser and folding rear wing produce immense downforce. There are even variable flaps underneath that help the car maintain a limpet-like hold on the road.

The doors as well as the engine and luggage compartments open via remote control. There are rear and side view cameras (a front view is optional), carbonfibre electric memory seats and a 9.1in infotainment system with Apple CarPlay.

Best of all, though, the Regera is rear-wheel-drive. We wonder if anyone out there has the cojones to drift it?

Only 80 examples of the Koenigsegg Regera will be built at an asking price of £1.2 million. Though, as ever with these things, you could easily add another few hundred thousand with options. Quite a lot of them are already spoken for…

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