On Test: Mercedes C220 BlueTEC

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Opting for a Mercedes can be an obvious choice. This C-Class, for instance, can just about justify its asking price of just over £34,000, but it won’t necessarily make you stand out in the car park.

However, it’s a much better and more elegant proposition than the previous generation – if refinement and luxury is what you’re after.

As with so many cars, this latest C-Class is larger in all the right places over the old model. In the real world this translates into a bit more cabin space, while looks-wise the car is more beefy and not unlike the flagship S-Class.

In keeping with the top of the range model, the C-Class is now jam-packed with more hi-tech kit. This does a lot to highlight the German company’s yearning to move the C-Class upmarket.

The efficiency of this particular car, the C 220 BlueTEC AMG LINE, is the obvious choice for business users. Going for diesel power will certainly lower your tax and fuel bill, but the ever cost-effective petrol engines shouldn’t be ignored if you don’t plan on munching many miles.

On the road, this C-Class lacks the crisp handling of a BMW or Audi, but the Mercedes-Benz  can still prove entertaining.  This one will do 145mph, with 0-62 arriving in 7.4 seconds.

As the C-Class has grown in size, passenger space is very good in front and is even pretty decent in the rear. Boot space is even more impressive and will easily consume even the largest of golf bags. Cabin oddment storage space areas are sensibly situated, as well.

The car’s steering might be a touch too light for enthusiastic drivers but the C-Class proves to be a soothing and satisfying experience nevertheless. While a manual gearbox is default, the excellent seven-speed auto, fitted to our car, is going to be chosen by the majority of buyers.

Now, although this C-Class features more standard kit than before, it’s far too easy to add thousands to the list price by going bonkers on the options list. Just be careful that your choices won’t cheapen the car in later life.

So, when all is said and done, if you’re seeking opulence in a compressed package, the C-Class is hard to turn your back on.

Mercedes C220 BlueTEC AMG Line

Price: £34,355

Engine: 2.1-litre 4-cylinder turbo diesel

Gearbox: 6-speed automatic (6-spd manual)

Power/Torque: 168bhp; 295lb/ft

Economy/Emission: 65.7mpg; 113g/km

0-62mph: 7.4 seconds

Top speed: 145mph

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