FORGET Theresa May and the snap General Election, Mercedes have already won the vote on premium small cars.

The German giants have previewed the design of the next-generation A-Class at the Shanghai Motor Show – and it is simply out of this world.

The concept A Sedan shows how their next line-up of small cars will look and is also a launchpad to the A-Class getting a saloon model.

Mercedes Concept A Sedan

Mercedes Concept A Sedan

This new A-Class longer but narrower and taller than the current hatch version but it gets the sensational Panamericana grille taken off the AMG GT supercar.

It also gets 20in alloys, stunning body detail and narrow LED lights as part of a design overhaul.

The shape is simply to die for. A ripped body with beautiful curves and a rear that Beyonce would be proud of.

Mercedes Concept A Sedan

Mercedes Concept A Sedan

Mercedes have confirmed that an A-Class saloon will join their small car line-up after the new A-Class alongside the CLA four-door coupe and GLA crossover.

Their charismatic CEO Dr Dieter Zetsche once told me that Merc’s small vehicle line-up would eventually make them the world’s No1 premium car firm.

Only this evidence, he’s right.

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