Mercedes-Maybach S600 now literally bombproof

That’s right, Mercedes has developed an armoured version of the uber-luxe Maybach S600, which is certified to the highest ballistic protection level for civilian vehicles.

The Maybach ‘Guard’ (the name for all Merc’s armoured cars) can hold up to attack from an assault rifle firing hardened steel core bullets and can withstand bomb blasts from the side or underneath, meeting VR10 and ERV 2010 protection requirements respectively.

In other words, you could put the Maybach Guard between the front lines of a small war and the occupants would come out relatively unscathed. Possibly.

To achieve that level of protection, extra steel is built into the gaps between the body structure and the body panels and materials are overlapped at vulnerable points. The windows are very thick and laminated many times. They’re coated with polycarbonate on the inside too, to stop splinters. Underbody armour provides the bomb protection.

Unlike most armoured cars, you would be hard pushed to spot the difference between this and a standard Maybach. Mechanically, the two are identical: the 6.0-litre, twin-turbo V12 engine still serves up 523bhp. There’s no word on how much extra weight the Guard has to lug around, but we reckon it weighs north of three tons (the standard car weighs 2,335kg.)

All this, including the standard-issue Maybach luxury and craftsmanship, is very expensive. Mercedes quotes a price of €470,000 before tax, which is £366,000 at current exchange rates. But such sums of money are relatively small fry for the captains of industry/celebrities/heads of state that will be buying it.

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