Come on MG, do the low-cost E-motion

MG E-motion

ONE quick glance at this beautiful, sleek sports car and you’d guess it as being a Maserati, Alfa or Bentley.

But it’s actually an MG. Yes it really is.

This is the MG E-motion which was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show and it has certainly injected some emotion back into the brand.

MG E-motion
MG E-motion

Since its relaunch under Chinese ownership almost a decade ago, MG has just been about a few largely uninspiring models.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, they produce this stunner.

This two-door concept, like pretty much everything else revealed at Shanghai, it’s powered by electric.

Judging by all the new cars at the Chinese show, in just two years time BP and Shell and co might as well pack up and find some lawnmowers to provide for.

MG E-motion
MG E-motion

Anyhow, the battery range is quoted at just over 300 miles. Everyone seems to be saying their electric car with do that amount – plus it will hit 62mph in under four seconds.

But let’s get back to the design because it’s a real jaw dropper. Apparently the front lights are inspired by the London Eye, however, I can’t seem to work that out.

The concept also features butterfly doors  – which rarely make it to the final car – and it’s real quality throughout with quilted leather seats and plenty of tech and gadgets. MG also revealed its “fully internet compatible”.

MG E-motion
MG E-motion

Quilted leather trims the seats and doors, while small digital panels have been installed in the doors to replace the physical buttons used to operate the windows and adjust the door mirrors.

MG say this car will make production by 2020 and could cost less that £30,000.

MG E-motion
MG E-motion

This is the best thing to wear the MG badge for decades.

Is this really the moment when MG just got big time again? Please build it.

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