Million-pound Aston Martin DB5 crashed

A classic Aston Martin DB5 worth at least a million pounds was completely trashed on Tuesday (28 July) when it collided with a Vauxhall Astra on the M56 near Manchester Airport.

The driver of the Aston and his four year-old son were taken to hospital, but it is not believed their injuries are life-threatening.

It is not currently known what caused the collision.

Police on the scene describing the Aston as a “complete write-off.” Fortunately, in reality, it isn’t.

Values of DB5s, particularly examples like this one in Silver Birch, have always been strong thanks to the model’s long association with James Bond, which started with Goldfinger in 1965. But in recent years auction prices have rocketed and good examples routinely fetch more than £1 million. This one appears to have been very good.

Though the damage is extensive, it appears to be limited to panels and various ‘replaceable’ bits. The bodyshell itself appears undamaged and it doesn’t look like the engine has moved. A bent chassis leg should be the extent of the structural damage, though repairing the dented rear quarter could be tricky as the tubular ‘superleggera’ framework underneath is probably out of shape.

Still, it’s almost certainly insured with a sympathetic specialist and it won’t be long before the car is delivered to one of the many Aston specialists – possibly even Aston Martin Works themselves – for a complete strip-down and rebuild. The bill will inevitably run to hundreds of thousands but, unless anything drastic is found, is unlikely to exceed the full value of the car.

But, of course, the most important thing is that the driver and his son are okay. We very much hope they are.

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