Millionaire’s son torches Ferrari for upgrade

Imagine you’re the 20-year old son of a Swiss millionaire. You get an allowance on 10,000 francs (£6,500) per month, on top of the property portfolio worth several tens of millions of francs you’ve already inherited and a collection of 15 supercars.

Among those cars is a Ferrari 458 Italia that you want to upgrade from. But you’ve burned through your cash reserves and are too scared of daddy to ask for some more. What do you do?

Most normal people with those kind of assets would sell something. That’s not what the lad who found himself facing these circumstances chose to do, though. Instead, he attempted to raise the funds he needed for a new motor by torching his 458 and claiming it on his insurance.

According to Swiss media, he was given the idea by a car dealer who valued the Ferrari. He then paid a couple of mates 15,000 francs (£9,750) each to set it on fire while he busied himself at a massage parlour.

In an attempt to not get caught, the arsonists crossed the border into Germany to do the deed. But they didn’t choose the spot very carefully, lighting the fire in an area covered by security cameras. Didn’t take long for the authorities to track everyone down.

Our less than intelligent plotter was given 22 months probation and a €30,000 (£21,000) fine by a court in Germany. It’s not clear what punishment his co-conspirators faced. But that is as nothing compared to the dressing down I hope he got from his dad.

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