IT’S like watching The Italian Job while on LSD.

Yes this is the absolutely stonking Mini John Cooper Works GP concept.

It’s no ordinary Mini, it’s the wild cousin of the family with more power, no back seats and certainly not cheap.

But it is a thing of beauty.

Michael Caine might have told them: “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.” But JCW have actually blown our minds with this Mini.

Mini John Cooper Works GP concept

Mini John Cooper Works GP concept

Huge wheelarches, loop-the-loop rare wing, racecar diffuser and a grille that could feed a BBQ for the entire population of Western Australia.

Plus there’s all the cool touches, hinting of retro Mini but with a manly modern twist.

There’s the Union Jack motif taillights. The ‘59’ race number, nodding to the original Mini’s 1959 debut. Inside, touch-sensitive controls adjust the suspension stiffness, gearshifting is controlled by paddles, there’s an aluminium roll cage in place of rear seats, and the fabrics are created using ‘3D knitting’.

Mini John Cooper Works GP concept

Mini John Cooper Works GP concept

Not sure whether that means your granny has to wear 3D specs while knitting you a cardigan.

No power output revealed yet but likely to be more than the 228bhp already in the JCW.

Price also not revealed. But you’ll probably need a few gold bars to afford it.

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