The Evo that tells you how to drive

Mitsubishi Evo concept

THIS is the new Mitsubishi Evo which will tell you how to drive.

The Japanese firm released this image before its official unveil at the Tokyo Motor Show in a fortnight.

But they also revealed it will contain artificial intelligence to assist the person behind the wheel.

They’ve not revealed yet whether it will help you drive like a granny, Lewis Hamilton or Ken Block.

Or maybe a clever mix of all three.

It’s a very bold design and will be an electric SUV once it goes past the concept stage.

Mitsubishi Evo concept
Mitsubishi Evo concept

The marketing stuff seems like it’s been written by Stephen Hawking and states: “An array of sensors allows the AI system to instantly read changes in road and traffic conditions, as well as the driver’s intent.

“Seamlessly coordinating driver intent with vehicle performance, the system supports drivers of all abilities and by making it easier and safer to control the vehicle, thereby bringing the motoring experience to a new level.

“After building a picture of the driver’s skill level, the system constructs a training program that provides advice through voice dialogue and a large dashboard display.

“As a result, drivers of all abilities quickly experience a vehicle that behaves the way they want it and soon they find themselves enjoying the driving experience to an even greater degree.”

No word on cupholders or ISOFIX fittings though.

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