Can't Drive Wont

Can’t Drive Won’t Drive a number of challenges completed by our resident professional passenger who refuses to drive.

Can't drive won't

Tim vs Farmer Jim’s crop sprayer

Tim vs Farmer Jim's crop sprayer: Tall Tim has never driven anything bigger than a Metro. And that was *ahem* 25 years ago. So Only Motors Boss challenged him to drive a whacking-great crop sprayer. Did Tim ri... read more....

Tim vs Catherine Harris

Catherine Harris is not your average 12 year-old, as she spends her weekends tearing up the tracks racing in Ministock. Tall Tim met her to talk about racing and see her skills behind the wheel. And on a quad ... read more....
factory tour

Alternative Morgan factory tour

The Morgan Motor Company is steeped in over 100 years of history. The Morgan factory, nestled in the Malvern hills, is hallowed ground for aficionados the world over. So when Only Motors was lucky enough to be invited for a tour, it made complete sense to s... read more....
Crash Tester

How does it crash? – Coming Soon

We are going to crash a lot of vehicles to find out which cars crash better and which break in to pieces.  Complete our contact form at and test us which cars you think are the... read more....

Think Tank – Coming Soon

Think Tank, the challenge to squash as many rubbish cars as voted for by you, the viewers. Email us with your ideas on what needs to be squashed to  ... read more....