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Moray Callum

Callum: roadkill to roadthrill

AGED just nine, Moray Callum won first prize at a Dumfries library for drawing an otter. Now 49 years later he's still drawing admiring glances for his animal instincts. Only this time it's a Mustang of the ... read more....

Scuffs by Rimblades are here!

IT’S the scuff of nightmares. Just the merest scrape of that gleaming alloy is enough to make you feel sick to the stomach. High kerbs, careless driving, cavernous potholes… these and countless other peri... read more....
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VW Camper – the ultimate rescue

I love seeing an old car get a second chance at life. Rescued from a barn, saved from a driveway, anything really. Just so long as an old vehicle gets to live once more, I'm happy. However, sometimes you see a car that's too for gone or maybe in somewhere impo... read more....
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Furious Outlaws – Magnus and Sung

Furious Outlaws. A short film about cars, modifying them and what it means to people like us. Oh, and Magnus Walker is there, and Sung Kang!