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Check out these brutal crash tests

Crash tests are a vital, brutal aspect of the car industry. And they're not just done on new cars. Crash tests are carried out during research and development of everything from baby seats to crash barriers... read more....

The 10 Worst-Looking Customs

Rich people who can afford supercars are careful about which neighborhoods they take their cars out in. This week’s “guy-runs-over-Lamborghini” incident serves as a great reminder of how being rich sucks only slightly less than being poor. If having a cool ... read more....
Jerermy Clarkson Tank in Dubai

Clarkson Tanked Up

Everyone’s favorite motor-mouthed, petrol head Jeremy Clarkson shocked shoppers in Dubai by allegedly driving a tank through the world’s biggest shopping centre. The stunt caused some unrest after it was pos... read more....
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Crushed Skyline: Try not to cry

There's nothing worse than seeing a good car die. So you can imagine how Billy Crider felt when the Feds had his Skyline crushed