Ford’s factory race Mustang GT4

The new Mustang excites us greatly. We have one coming to the Only Motors office next week, and we’re giddy. We’ve got a CD to play the U.S national anthem on loop. We’ve been eating Big Macs every day. Oh, and we’ve been getting fatter. Basically, we’re getting fully Americanised in readiness for the ‘stang. And then Ford does this to us. It releases the Mustang GT4 – a turnkey racing version. So now we need to be all slim and racer-like. PUT DOWN THAT BURGER.

If that’s what we have to do, we’ll do it. Just look at this thing, it’s a monster! A no-nonsense race car that’s ready to go from the moment it’s delivered. And make no mistake. This isn’t just a set of fancy wheels and a big wing. This is the real, GT4 spec, deal.

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Mustang GT4 – all business

Bodily, the Mustang has some more scoops and vents. As you’d expect. There’s a big wing, too. Handy for that important down-force. Then, inside, there is a full FIA-approved roll cage. The dash features the bare essentials for racing. The seats are of the bucket sort. Seatbelts are replaced by harnesses and on the whole, it’s all very ‘business’. Racing business, obviously.

Mechanically, the Mustang GT4 is powered by the mighty 5.2 V8, so it should be pretty speedy. Six-pot calipers from Brembo keep it in line. Furthermore, there’s a six-speed Holinger paddle-shift transmission. This promises race durability and fast, positive gear shifts. Apparently.

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Awesome from every angle

Mustang GT4 – ready to race

The new Mustang GT4 is based on the championship-winning Ford Shelby GT350R-C. As such, it’s built to compete in IMSA (Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge – GS), Pirelli World Challenge (GTS/G4) and GT4 European Series, among others.

Car companies seldom go this wild with racing projects, so this is refreshing. And due to the fact it’s a factory car, parts should be readily available too. Therefor, when you crash it, it should all be okay! Though because we’re daft, the notion of putting number plates on one and going for a drive also appeals.

For more information, head over to the Ford Performance site. Because you know you want one.

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