MY17 Nissan GT-R has changed a lot. Really

Nissan are starting to take over Porsche as masters of making continuous tiny changes to a long-running model. As it has pretty much every since year since the GT-R was launched in 2007, Nissan has devised many updates for the latest MY17 Nissan GT-R. But if you can spot them, you’re doing better than us.

According to Nissan the front is completely new, with a redesigned bumper and bigger grille with ‘V motion’ signature. The bonnet and rear bumper are new, too, and the side skirts are wider. The result is less drag, but there’s no loss of downforce.

The interior has been tidied up, with 16 fewer buttons on the dashboard (down to 11 from 27). Those functions have been transferred onto the new infotainment system, which has a larger 8in screen and new graphics.

The gearchange paddles have been moved onto the new steering wheel and are made from better-quality materials, as are the HVAC controls. The leather upholstery is plusher, too.

What you really want to know, though, is whether the engine has been tweaked. Well, it has. Higher boost pressure and individual ignition timing on each of the six cylinders results in 562bhp and 470lb/ft of torque. No word on any improvements in performance figures, but the GT-R was face-bendingly fast already.

The six-speed dual-clutch gearbox produces smoother, quieter shifts while the engine’s acoustics have been tuned for a bit more noise. Though we’d actually settle for better noise – the GT-R has always sounded like an industrial Hoover.

It goes on. The body is more rigid and the suspension new, with 20in wheels wrapped in “sticky” tyres. So it’ll be even more capable of stomach-churning cornering forces, then.

These are all good, useful changes. It’s a shame, then, that the most obvious new thing is the new Katsura Orange paintwork and tan interior pictured here. Both of which we suggest you avoid.

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