Narrow escape as trees crash onto road

We think we have bad weather in the UK. But we don’t. Six inches of snow falls and we think the world has ended. There are parts of the world where six inches is a light flurry.

We think it gets windy here as well, and Scotland did indeed recently experience gusts of well over 100mph. But we don’t often get consistently strong, damaging winds.

They do in Australia, though. This dashcam footage was taken while some extremely strong wind was battering a river valley in Victoria, in December.

The situation starts getting dicey as some pretty big chunks of tree rain down, but as the camera car approaches a bridge, some enormous chunks come down. Actually, it’s a whole tree. About a dozen trees, in fact. Falling like dominoes.

Fortunately no-one got hurt. But it’s just one more reason why should always have your wits about you while driving.

Video via Youtube/roncooper

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