NASA creates hoonmobile for Mars

Humans will eventually go to Mars. When we get there, there will be a load of boring science stuff to do, but there could be the opportunity for some extra terrestrial hooning, as well.

The bods at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre have been hard at work developing a car for use on Mars, the dryly titled Modular Robotic Vehicle. But, as you can see from this video, Mars Hoonmobile of Awesomeness would be much more like it.

Each wheel has its own motor and can turn through 180 degrees, which makes it extremely maneuverable (the point) but also turns it into the most hypnotically glorious drift machine. Which raises an interesting possibility. If we do eventually colonise Mars, we would presumably have a whole fleet of these things to get around. And it would be all of about five minutes before we started racing them. That would be a level of awesomeness we’re not entirely sure we could handle.

Video via Youtube/NASAJSCEngineering

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