They say change is good and for Ford change means continued growth in its respective markets.

Ford of Britain and Ford Sollers have both received new personnel that will continue the manufacturer’s growth and progress with their current goals.

From July 1st, Andy Barratt will be the new chairman and managing director of Ford of Britain, succeeding Mark Ovenden. Coincidentally Mark Ovendon has now been appointed president and CEO of Ford Sollers, a joint venture of Ford and Russia’s JSC Sollers.

Mark Ovendon is an ideal candidate for Ford Sollers with managing director and chairman experience with Ford of Britain as well as three years as director and president of Ford Russia. It seems that Mark Ovendon is more than equipped to tackle any market challenges and bring out the maximum potential of the Sollers joint venture.

As for Ford of Britain, Andy Barratt has received full support from the VP of marketing, sales and service for Ford of Europe. Roelant de Waard stated that Andy is in the ideal position to “manage Ford’s biggest European market and to take on the chairman’s responsibilities, representing Ford on key issues such as the future of UK automotive manufacturing, skills, research and development, and the low-emissions agenda.”

Congratulations to both Andy Barratt and Mark Ovenden.

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By James Fothergill

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