New Duster ready to clean up – again

New Dacia Duster

MARKETING folk usually drive me mad.

It’s all quiffs, swanky wine bars, umbrellas in their cocktails and blue sky thinking.

God help me if I hear that expression again.

But fair play to those luvvies at Dacia.

Their TV advertising slogan ‘Another One Buys The Duster’ is genius.

The tune gets in your head and, hey presto, you are actually thinking about a Dacia Duster all day.

Oh and Freddie Mercury strutting around in a wig, dress and moustache while vacuuming. Yes that was a different song video, but that’s what I think of. Which says a lot about my mind.

New Dacia Duster
New Dacia Duster

However, there is now a new Duster revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week.

The great news is that budget motoring just got even cooler.

Since the Duster first went on sale over one million units have been sold and the revised car looks to carry on that success.

While the car features an evolutionary exterior upgrade, what Dacia has achieved is an overall more premium design dynamic and character.

The front and back of the car features a smoother and rounder design while the side of the car has been emphasised with new lines across the body.

Dacia’s signature grille flanked by the headlights stretches across the front of the car.

New LED daytime running lights with a new lighting signature have now also been added as a standard features as has a chrome finish skid plate an aluminium roof bars.

Dacia has also added new 17-inch alloy wheels and prominent wheel arches with black wing arches to the car.

The car’s interior has also been upgraded to look mote premium but still looms fairly basic, which is to be expected fro the budget car.

New Dacia Duster
New Dacia Duster

A new MediaNav infotainment screen has been added to the car to improve connectivity and the seats have been redesigned to improve comfort and support for both driver and passengers.

Other features added to the car included a Multi-view camera, Blind Spot Warning, Curtain airbags, Automatic air conditioning, hands free cars and automatic head lights.

Powering the car will be the same drivetrains featured on the previous generation, the 1.5-litre diesel and 1.2-litre petrol.

Both four wheel drive and two wheel drive versions of the car are likely to be made available depending on the trim level you select.

UK deliveries of the car are expected in the UK in mid-2018. Prices expected to stay under £10k.

Dacia’s next ad slogan surely: We Are The Budget Champions.

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