New Honda NSX to cost from £105,000

The all new Honda NSX is due to arrive in showrooms and on roads during the course of 2016. The new NSX was intended to arrive late this year but was delayed due to a change in engine layout during development.

Even still, the NSX is a car in pretty high demand and given the price that Honda have announced, the demand could increase even more.

The Honda NSX will be priced from $156,000 in the US where it will actually be branded the Acura NSX. The UK equivalent to that is a reasonable £105,000.

If you go crazy and fully spec an NSX to the maximum that will set you back $205,700 (£138,000) which is less than the upcoming McLaren 570S and the all-new Audi R8, but still those cars do produce more power than the NSX.

The all new Honda NSX isn’t about numbers though, Honda specifically mentioned during the summer that they want to offer customers the “excitement of a Ferrari 458 for the price of a Porsche 911” as they look to bring a similar, yet equally unique experience to go up against the competition.

The order books for the new opened back in the summer and with the delay the first examples that should have been delivered towards the end of this year, will now be arriving sometime during spring 2016.

The complete UK allocation of right-hand drive Honda NSX was already filled by the summer.

The first all new NSX to be produced will be sold at a charity auction in January under the Acura brand and the online configurator and order system will open online from February.

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