New TVR sports car to be built from carbon fibre

TVR has announced further details of their upcoming sports car which is set to go on sale in the coming months.

While no image or name for the car has been confirmed yet, TVR has confirmed an optional carbon fibre specification will be available on its new upcoming model.

The upcoming sports car will feature the company’s first ever full-production, carbon fibre construction and it will be also built around Gordan Murray’s unique design and build through the iStream Carbon manufacturing process.

This build will ensure that the new TVR sports car will stay true to TVR’s mantra of lightweight, high-performance vehicles. However unlike previous TVRs which fell slightly short on design and manufacturing technology, the new sports car could very well be a class leader.

Gordon Murray, designer of the new TVR knows a thing or two about designing cars. His most notable work came as he designed the legendary McLaren F1 but also for his design leads in Formula 1 and on other road cars.

The iStream carbon fibre technology has allowed the new TVR sports car to have a revolutionary stand-alone tub and shell made from carbon fibre composite at a much cheaper price to build.

The carbon fibre construction options will be available as standard on the Launch Edition and standard composite construction will be available on other models.

The 300+ customers who have placed deposits have been made aware that the carbon fibre option will be a “no cost” option. That offer could still stand for future customers.

TVR also has plans that will see at least four new models in the market over the next decade.

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