Nissan Bladeglider – Future Is Here!

The Bladeglider. The maddest thing from Nissan in years!

Pure electric cars are getting more and more exciting, as this, the new Nissan Bladeglider goes to show. Not only does have possibly the coolest name in motoring history, it’s also jam-packed with cutting edge tech. Oh, and it’s real, not merely a concept.

What you’re looking at here is the working prototype of something special. It forms part of Nissan’s ongoing commitment to it’s developing range of zero-emission cars. It’s not just a car with batteries though, oh no, this is far more than that.

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The Bladeglider. The maddest thing from Nissan in years!

It’s Nissan’s vision of a fun an exciting take on the electric car. Looking at it, it’s definitely fun! Something that becomes more evident when you step inside it, where you’re greeted with McLaren F1-esque central driving position. You’ve still got space for passengers though, as the driver’s seat is flanked by passenger space on either side.

It’s pointy, too. Apparently the narrow track on the front with the wider track of the rear not only add to the driving dynamic, they also aid aerodynamics. Oh, and the doors open backwards because, well, why the hell not?

nissan bladeglider, car, ev, electric, environment, cars, motoring, technology, automotive
Yep, this is just like a Nissan Sunny

Inside, it’s got more technology than a Currys superstore. Screens face the driver, informing of battery range, torque output and everything in between. The mirrors are screens too, getting their information for small cameras mounted on the outside. All the occupants get four-point harnesses, too. Adding to the feel of safety and quality.

The of course, there’s the matter of getting this thing to move. To cover this, each rear wheel is fitted with a 130KW electric motor. This direct method of driving them means no power is lost along the line, allowing the Bladeglider to hustle to 100kph in sub five seconds and on to a top speed of 190kph. In old money, the motors translate to a combined 268bhp. In a car that weighs just 1,300kg, that’s pretty damn impressive. Add in the cutting-edge torque vectoring system – managing the power distribution over the driven wheels – and you’re left with a very exciting driving dynamic.

Yep, this certainly is a work of art

As we type, there are two Bladegliders, both currently in Rio de Janeiro – Basicstoke must have been booked up. Of the two, one is on static display, while the second is available for drives and closer inspection.

Nissan is staying tight-lipped as the whether or not the Bladeglider will actually go into production. The signs are good though, and we hope it does. A car like this entering the EV market will certainly push other manufacturers to think a bit more out of the box. It could be start of a very exciting time!

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