Nissan Leaf outsells Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S has been growing in stature over the three and a half years it has been on sale. So much so that the electric saloon apparently reached the 100,00 milestone for Model S’ sold.

According to Hybrid Cars, Tesla had sold around 99,500 models when November came to a close and that the company was certain to have hit the 100,000 mark during this month as Tesla aim to close out the year by achieving the 50,000 total sales mark for 2015.

Tesla’s biggest market is the US as it accounts for 61 percent of the global total sales. Around 60,000 sales of the 100,000 Tesla Model S sales are US based purchases.

Even with the growing popularity surrounding the Tesla the Model S, it is in fact the world’s third best-selling plug-in electric vehicle behind the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt.

The 100,000 sales  by the Tesla Model S came a year and a half quicker than the same milestone for the Chevrolet Volt, however it took the Model S five months longer than the Nissan Leaf to reach 100,000 sales.

In fact the Nissan Leaf manages to outsell the Tesla Model S 2:1 as the Leaf now sits at around 200,000 sales, leading the global EV sales.

Having said that the Volt and the Leaf were launched in late 2010, so they have respectively had at least a year and a half on the Tesla Model S, which was launched mid 2012.

The Tesla Model S is a great electric car and certainly one of the most popular. Yes it hasn’t caught up to the popularity of the Nissan Leaf but it certainly offers a lot and looks better. Eventually a second-gen Leaf will arrive and Tesla also have the Model X coming too. Whichever way you look at it, electric cars are on the rise.

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