Nissan Micra Cup race starts with massive crash

Last weekend’s Nissan Micra Cup race at Calabogie Motorsports Park in Canada quickly turned into a demolition derby, as you can see from the videos here.

Everything happens so fast it’s tricky to unpack exactly what happened, but we think there’s two seperate accidents that meet in the middle.

The video below shows two cars near the front of the field come together in the first corner and exit stage right, one smashing into the tire wall while the other spins across the grass into the barrier. Another car spins out in avoidance, digs into the grass and starts to roll.

Further back – as you can see in the on-board footage above – another car spins, apparently on its own, and takes out at least three other cars. Their crash catches up with the one at the front, and become on big heap of smashed and broken Micras.

Thankfully, it seems everyone walked away unhurt. Clearly, these Micras – built by Motorsport in Action – are strong little cars.

But they’re definitely not fast, incidentally. Micra Cup cars have a near-standard 1.6-litre engine making 109bhp and 107lb/ft of torque. But proper Nismo suspension means they can probably be driven absolutely flat-out everywhere. The Nissan Micra has never looked more fun.

By Only Motors

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