Office-K adds much bling to Rolls-Royce Wraith

The Rolls-Royce Wraith is a deeply splendid thing, but it’s a bit too discreet, too restrained. Apparently.

Japanese tuner Office-K concluded that a 17ft, 2.5-ton, ultra-luxurious super coupe simply doesn’t stand out enough in a crowd. So it created this.

Office-K started by gluing on a Wald bodykit, with the overwrought moniker ‘Sports Line Black Bison Edition’, including new bumpers, side skirts and a rear diffuser. We’re not entirely sure why it has a rear diffuser, as the Wraith doesn’t so much cut through the air as scare it out of the way.

Next, Office-K bolted on a set of gigantic, 24in Forgiato wheels with painted-on tyres. Then sprayed on a coat of pure-as-Arctic-snow white paint.

But someone clearly felt that little lot just wouldn’t stand out enough in a world full of wide-arch Lamborghinis and carbonfibre G-Wagens. So it trimmed the grille, wheels, badges, splitter, diffuser, door handles, window surrounds and even the exhaust tips in gold. Well, we say ‘trimmed’. It actually looks like it was coloured in with a metallic Sharpie.

The engine hasn’t been touched, apart from a Miracle sports exhaust that makes a distinctly indiscreet noise. If you’re so inclined, Mansory does a 1,000bhp tuning kit for the 6.6-litre, twin-turbo V12 engine.

We’re sure there are Wraith owners who want to stand out/show off more. In this, they’ll be visible from space.

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