Oh my Ford. Watch this sexy GT!

Ford GT

OK this is the best 15 seconds of your life.

Thankfully it’s not your missus telling you that.

This is actually the driving modes in the stonking Ford GT.

Ford GT

It has five and this two second video shows the wing so the 3.5-litre V6-engined supercar can produce a whopping 638bhp and deliver 216mph – if you’ve got the danglies to cope with it.

The GT’s steering wheel looks like something from a Playstation or Xbox, there’s many switches and buttons to get you salivating.

Ford GT

But these aren’t for show, they are hooked to a hydraulic set-up and there’s a driving mode dial which allows you to switch between Normal, Wet, Sport, Vmax and Track.

Vmax drops the ride height by 50mm and flattens the rear wing and is more aerodynamic. Track, as we’ve explained, takes it to a whole new level. It should just be dubbed ‘Beast mode’.

There’s just one bit of bad news. The GT costs £320,000 and it’s sold out for 2017.

So you’ll just have to keep watching the video to cheer yourself up.

Ford GT

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