Paris: The New Kia Rio

That's not a bad looking motor, is it?

We never thought the notion of a new Kia would excite us. But that’s exactly what’s happening here. The new Kia Rio, set to be officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, looks brilliant. Well, at least these renders do. We hope the real car hasn’t been watered down too much.

Needless to say, the blurb about the car is full of chatter about confidence and balance. God bless the writers in Kia’s PR dept. “Straight lines and smooth surfacing give the car a distinctive new character, while a longer front overhang and bonnet, longer wheelbase, and upright C-pillar give the car an even more confident and balanced appearance than its predecessor.” 

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That’s not a bad looking motor, is it?

See what we mean? Still, we’re inclined to agree, because its handsome face is something rather new for Kia. Let’s not forget, we’re talking about the company that gave us the Picanto here. And that was not a good car. No Sir, nuh uh. Do not want.

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We suspect the road-car’s wheels will be a tad smaller

The Kia Rio is the Korean company’s best-selling car, with over 473,000 sold around the globe in 2015 alone. That’s an impressive number. It makes perfect sense to roll out something that’s as modern and exciting as possible, so as to try and continue that success.

Kia will succeed. As Graham and Tim pointed out with the Kia Sportage, the company has a firm grasp on premium build quality and style. The Sportage is snapping at the heels of the Tiguan. Could the new Rio have the relationship with the Golf?
Real car will be less… sketchy

Don’t shake your head at that notion. Think about it, the outgoing Rio is available from £10,945. That’s a huge saving compared to its competitors. Furthermore, all Kias have a seven year warranty. Seven years! That’s a lot of peace of mind for the owner.

Sure, there will be some who will overlook the Rio purely through brand snobbery. We say more fool them. This new, fourth generation version, looks like it’s going to be deeply impressive. The more expensive brands need to watch out!

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