MOTORISTS waste more than 2,500 hours of their lives searching for a parking space in busy city centres – but those days could be over.

That frustration could be solved soon thanks to a new app that promises to predict where spaces are available.

Find and Pay uses big data, predictive analytics and machine learning to reduce the time it takes to find parking in congested urban areas.

Easy Park, the Stockholm-based firm behind its creation, claims it could slash your search time for a spare spot in half.

The smart software could be coming to a city near you in the near future.

EasyPark has invested 10 years of research and development over €10 million (£88 million) to develop what they say is the first truly predictive parking technology.

The app uses data from parking payments and crowd-sourced location information to create an accurate parking probability map of every city block for any given hour of the day.

It then gives users a route to their destination that passes along streets with the highest probability of parking availability.

A ‘Find-o-meter’ also displays the chances of finding a space in your chosen location.

It will also allow drivers to pay for their parking through the app, as well as topping up your time when it is running low.

Find and Pay is being introduced in Stockholm in September, and will roll out across more than 30 other major European cities later this year. London and New York will follow in 2018.

Car parking space finder

Car parking space finder

In a written statement Johan Birgersson, CEO of the firm, said: ‘Today’s navigation options take you to your destination, but fall flat when you need to find somewhere to park.

‘It’s a very frustrating experience when you get where you need to go, but simply can’t park your car – Find and Pay solves this significant challenge for motorists.

‘We’re hugely excited to start bringing the technology to market and to see the profound impact it will have on driver frustration and the challenges of congestion and pollution in cities.

‘This technology has the potential to reduce emissions in cities by hundreds of thousands of tonnes.’

Studies show that 30 per cent of traffic in congested cities is caused by people searching for parking, and that this could contribute to as much as 50 million tons of pollution across Europe.

Unlike navigation and transportation in general, the parking industry has experienced relatively few major technology breakthroughs.

Find and Pay is currently undergoing large-scale beta testing, using over 500 testers across 31 cities to test, validate and increase predictive accuracy.

The system’s self-learning algorithms will continue to improve over time, through continued testing and via continuous user feedback when it is rolled out to the public at large.

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