A-Peel-ing dinky car at this price?

Peel P50 is up for sale at £90k

THE Peel P50 – the smallest production car ever built – has gone on sale in the UK with a not very a-Peel-ing price.

The tiny motor, which featured in a classic Top Gear episode, has been given a wallet-crunching price tag of £90,000.

The eye-watering asking price for the minuscule motor is 450 times more than the original £199 price the car retailed for between 1962 and 1965.

For £90k you don’t get a lot of car with it only being a one seater vehicle. Peel P50 measures a measly 4ft 5inches long and is only 3ft 3ins all.

Peel Engineering Company only sold 50 of these vehicles in the three years it was on sale for.

It didn’t really take off when it was first launched due to the strange three-wheel design and lack of reverse gear which was required for drivers to get out and manually turn the vehicle.

However, there are only 27 remaining models of the car today, which makes it a highly desirable collectors item.

Most people will remember the car from that infamous Top Gear episode which saw Jeremy Clarkson driving around the BBC office in it.

Peel P50 is up for sale at £90k
Peel P50 is up for sale at £90k

The car is so dinky it only comes with one headlight, one windscreen wiper and 38mph of power.

The 1964 example was sold to a British buyer before being shipped to a US collector.

Jake Auerbach, of Canada-based RM Sotheby’s auction house, said: “The Peel P50 is rare, cute, and a guaranteed conversation starter – what more could anyone want?

“You could park this car in your office, a la Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear, or have it greet guests in the entrance of your home.

“Just four Peels have come to auction in the last 30 years and only two of those were P50s, so this sale is a rare opportunity.

“There are collectors who specialise in microcars exclusively, for whom an original P50 is the holy grail.

“As with anything, the value is indicative of the market and it could easily be another decade before we see another Peel P50 at auction.

“The car was produced at a time when efficiency, both in terms of size and performance, was an important factor to consider when buying.

“The Mini had been introduced only a few years prior, and this was seen as the future of personal mobility.

“Peel was perhaps a few decades early with their grand vision, as now we may not be far from a future where individual transport is commonplace.”

The record price for a Peel P50 was set at an RM Sotheby’s auction in Florida last year, when one sold for £120,000.

The one shown here will be sold in Monterey, California, on August 18.

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