Pick-up truck-powered swamp tank

Here’s the answer to a question most people couldn’t think of in their wildest dreams. But someone did.

This is the Swamp Traxx, built by an oil field equipment specialist. Let’s imagine you’ve sunk an oil well in the middle of a swamp and need get your pick-up truck out to it.

If you just drove your truck straight into the swamp it would sink. Pretty quickly. Into mucky water full of crocodiles and snakes.

The Swamp Traxx is basically a tank hull, complete with tracks, that you tow up to the swamp. Then you drive on top of it and the driven wheels turn a set of rollers that transfer drive to the tracks.

Ingenious. We want one. Even though we’re in Berkshire and are pretty sure the nearest swamp is a very long way away.

Video via Youtube/swamptraxx

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