Pics of all-new 2017 Mercedes E-Class leaked

The first images of the all-new, 2017 Mercedes E-Class have been leaked online ahead of the car’s launch at the Detroit Motor Show next week.

Few surprises are revealed. The styling draws heavily on both the smaller C-Class and bigger S-Class saloons, completing the most homogeneous Mercedes saloon line-up in many decades. We don’t think that’s a bad thing, though; the C and S are the best looking cars in their class and the new E continues that form.

It’s understood the 2017 E-Class is lighter than its predecessor despite being marginally bigger. The wheelbase in particular has been stretched a useful 65mm, so the E’s status as one of the most popular taxis in the world remains safe.

Mercedes has already shown off the E’s tech-laden interior, but the new images better display the range and quality of materials that will be available. Indeed, it can be made so lavish that some people might question the value in spending the extra on an S-Class.

Full details on the UK line-up will be released nearer launch later in 2016. We do know, however, that the usual range of four- and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines will be available, with various combinations of manual or automatic gearbox. Plug-in hybrid and c.600bhp AMG versions will follow in due course.

An estate version is inevitable, but we’re not sure if there will be follow-ups to the current coupe and cabriolet models.

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