Picture of The Day: Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale

What’s the beautiful car ever made? Simple question, but it’s nearly impossible to answer.

Beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. And to my eyes automotive beauty comes from flowing forms and purity of line. On that basis, the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale must be one of the most beautiful cars ever created.

The car pictured here is the original prototype, which debuted at the Turin Motor Show in 1967. And it is simply stunning, the sinuous lines tightly drawn around the wheels and cabin, with no excess at all.

There’s a line that starts at the bottom corner of the headlight and travels along the inner edge of the front wing, onto the door and back towards the intake. One long curve – it’s gorgeous and a virtuoso display of craftsmanship by body maker Franco Scaglione.

The Stradale was the road-going version of Alfa’s 2.0-litre V8-engined World Sports Car Championship contender. The racer was a bit of a disaster, unreliable and generally outclassed by legions of Porsches. Later developments had more success, though.

As per the racer, the Stradale was built on a tubular chassis, with power from a 230bhp V8, enough to propel the 700kg machine to a top speed of 160mph. Alfa’s in-house racing division, Autodelta, put it all together.

If you can find one of the 18 Stradales built for sale now, it would set you back a healthy seven-figure sum. But then, it’s always been massively expensive. In 1968 the retail price in Italy was 9,750,000 lire, 65 times the average annual salary!

Small price to pay for something so beautiful…

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