Picture of the day: Ford Fiesta concepts

1979 Tuareg

The Ford Fiesta was a later-comer to the supermini party, but that didn’t stop it becoming a runaway success. Since it was first introduced in 1976 over 16 million have rolled off Ford’s production lines around the world.

The UK accounts for around a quarter of that total, probably making it the biggest single market. Indeed, the Fiesta is the best-selling car ever in the UK, overtaking Ford’s own Escort in 2014.

Over the years Ford-owned styling house Ghia and later Ford itself produced a very great many concept cars based on the Fiesta. Some previewed upcoming new models like the Verve and Lynx. Some were missed opportunities, like the Zig and Zag duo. And some were just completely bonkers, like the Tuareg and Bebop.

The Fiesta continues to shift by the million every year. With such strong recognition across the globe, it’s highly unlikely to be going anywhere, well, ever. There will be probably be a Fiesta for as long as Ford makes anything you can reasonably call A Car. I wonder what the next Fiesta-based concept will look like?

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