Picture of the Day: Honda Mugen NSX RR

There’s a new Honda NSX that will be arriving in showrooms and on UK roads next year and while it is the most powerful NSX ever, it’s not the most special NSX ever. That title goes to the Honda’s close parts and tuning associates Mugen.

Lets do a flashback to the 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon. Honda arrived and unveiled the stunning Honda NSX Mugen RR concept which was a Honda NSX-R turned up to a billion.

The Honda Mugen NSX RR sat on wider front and rear tires, featured a ton of new bodywork tweaks and upgrades including a widebody built to aid aerodynamics and cooling, an adjustable rear wing and a unique roof air intake. It’s more extreme than the Honda NSX-R GT which was the most extreme NSX sold to the public. The Mugen NSX RR was essentially a Super GT car for the road.

Power came from a modified version of the NSX’s 3.2L V6, however Mugen used their in house facility to create custom engine mounts, a new subframe, transmission and they altered the engine mounting from transverse to longitudinal. All of this creates improved exhaust flow and power transfer to the rear wheels.

While the plan was to include a 6-speed sequential transaxle gearbox, cost came into play with such a complex unit and in fact no gearbox was even put into the NSX RR in the end. Some even found that there were no headers or even an exhaust system on the car, which meant the Mugen NSX RR never actually ran.

It was built as a concept and has remained one since but it is the best example of a Honda NSX and more than worthy of a POTD feature.

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