Picture of the day: Hyundai i10 ice cream van

How do you promote that your tiny new car has aircon? Turn it into an ice cream van, of course!

The Hyundai i10 city car was launched in the UK in 2008. Notably, even then, every model in the range came with aircon as standard.

Clearly, someone in Hyundai’s marketing department had a nose for a good publicity stunt, so they asked custom car innovator Andy Saunders to turn the little i10 into a fully functioning ice cream van.

I think it looks fantastic. To create it, Andy simply cut the rear body off a standard i10 and grafted on a box for the freezer and Mr Whippy machine. But, as ever with Andy’s creations, it’s chock-full of little details. Like the swage line around the ice cream cone graphic on the side. Or the recessed rear number plate insert – a panel I believe was pilfered from a scrap Rover 400.

Tiny ice cream vans are nothing new, of course. The pick-up truck version of the original Mini was a popular base back in the day, and in the past I’ve seen ones fashioned from pocket-size vans like the Bedford Rascal and Daihatsu Hijet.

A bit of fun it may be, but the i10 ice cream van was a very effective marketing tool. It certainly appeals to my inner five-year old who had a lot of toy cars that looked pretty much exactly the same as the regular i10 hatchback.

It toured UK car shows in ’08, starting at the British Motor Show, serving Hyundai branded ice pops. It’s probably gathering dust in a corner of Hyundai UK’s warehouse, now.

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