Pino pi2010 caravan

Most caravans are big and heavy and leaky. The Pino pi2010 is different. It’s light and robust, designed to be used in all weathers in any terrain. Sure, it’s a bit small, but that has its benefits, as we shall see.


Built using techniques borrowed from yacht-building, the pi2010 is made from fibreglass and plywood bonded together and sealed with a specially-designed aluminium strip. This makes it light and robust. It isn’t much to look at, but the upright shape frees up 5ft 6in of internal head room, which is plenty for cooking and sleeping.

The interior is hardly luxurious, but the wipe-clean surfaces are ideal for the outdoorsy types it’s aimed at.


The pi2010 only weighs 300kg, so its impact on the towcar is minimal. Apparently, it can even be towed by a Smart. We’re not sure you would want to do that, but it means most small cars or even a healthy classic will be absolutely fine towing it.

Bigger cars can pull it without much effect on fuel consumption as well, a typical family saloon only losing a couple of mpg.

Ride & Handling

With chassis and running gear designed and built specifically for Pino by Alko, the pi2010 runs straight and true behind the tow car. We can’t comment on what it’s like in a side wind, though.


As we’ve said, the pi2010’s interior is a bit basic, but it’s a pleasant place to while away the time. More importantly, it’s built to a high standard and feels like it will easily cope when the weather takes a turn for the biblical. It’s highly insulated too, so it can be used in the height of summer or the dead of winter.


The pi2010 is fully customisable, so you can chose whatever colour scheme, upholstery or layout you want. So you can leave it as a two-berth, but if you want to use yours as a mobile office or a tea shop, Pino will be able to sort you out.

The standard layout features a kitchenette on one side and a table and pair of seats on the other. They reconfigure into a standard-size double bed. The memory foam cushions form the mattress. A roll-up solar panel attaches to the front for the full off-grid camping experience.

The Rivals

There are a couple of other options for same sort of money as the pi2010, the Dethleffs Campy for instance. But none them share the Pino’s crucial advantage; it’s weight. At 300kg it’s light enough that anyone who passed their driving test after 2001 can pull it without having to take a full towing test. Or you could get the mack daddy of all tents, but that won’t fit in a Smart.

In Conclusion

If there’s anything else out there that offers the Pino pi2010’s combination of year-round usability and value for money, we haven’t found it.

Watch the video here

Pino pi2010

Price: £7,999

Sleeps: 2

Weight: 300kg

Constructions: Fibreglass/plywood bonded laminate

Chassis: Custom design by Alko

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