What would you spend £1.6m on?

Being a law abiding motorist really isn’t difficult. You pay your tax, you get your MOT and most importantly of all, you insure your car. Simple stuff, not rocket science. However, tens of thousands of motorists still run the risk. Crazy really, considering the technology at the hands of the nation’s Police. ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) for one, let alone everything else they have. And it works, because people get caught, as these figures show.

And when they get caught, their car goes bye-bye. They can get it back if they can prove insurance etc, but few do. That leaves the police with a lot of old junk to deal with. Because let’s face it, it’s very rare a new car gets impounded for being dodgy. If Police Interceptors has told us anything, it’s that it’s usually old junk that breaks the law.

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A nasty crim there, being hauled off

Law breakers – Police money makers?

So what can be done with all that old rubbish? Well, it’s usually scrapped. Though some cars have enough redeeming features left that putting them through auction is an option. This is good, as it brings money in. But the question is, how much money does it bring?

Chruchill Car Insurance recently carried out a study and found that of the 22,594 vehicles seized by the 43 police forces in the first half of 2016, 2,866 had been sold in auctions for £1.4 million, while 6,827 had been taken to the scrap yard, earning a further £279,253. That’s not pocket change.

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This where a lot of the ‘naughty’ cars end up

And here’s the big question. That money goes back into the Police force. And rightly so, they earned it. But even so, what should it be spent on? Here at Onlymotors, we think it should go back into training new road traffic officers, as they’re woefully understaffed as it is. Maybe they could spend it on a giant Police robot, or maybe a cannon? We’re not sure. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

What do you think?

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