Porsche 935 comes in these sweet liveries

The new Porsche 935 is a wild-looking thing. But, when it was unveiled last year, Porsche said it would only be available in Agate grey or an optional Martini livery. Ho-hum.

Obviously, a Martini livery looks awesome but its been done to death. So Porsche went back to the drawing and came up with a selection of seven other liveries modelled on those worn by iconic racing 935s of the past. And they look stunning.

There’s the blue and orange of the Gulf-sponsored Porsche 917s that achieved huge success in the World Sportscar Championship during the early 1970s; the red and yellow of the MOMO Racing 935 in which MOMO founder Giampiero Moretti (maker of racing steering wheels, among other things) did great things in the Group 5 category; the white and blue of the Sachs-sponsored Dick Barbour Racing 935 that won the Sebring 12 Hours in 1980; the turquoise of the Kremer Racing 935 that won at the Nurburgring with sponsorship from heater maunfacturer Vaillant; the red and white of the 917 run by Porsche Salzburg which gave the marque its first Le Mans win in 1970; the black-with-multi-coloured-stripe of Interscope Racing, which dominated the American IMSA series with its 935s during the early 1980s, and the black and gold of the JPS-sponsored Kremer 935 that ran in Group 5.

The original 935 is one of the most bonkers race cars that has ever existed. It was developed for the 1976 World Championship for Makes sports car series – the factory cars dominated the Group 5 category.

Customer teams could get their hands on one from 1977. Dozens were sold and many teams – most notably Kremer – started modifying their machines so much that they effectively became a completely different car. Power outputs of 850bhp-plus were not uncommon.

The 935 dominated sports car racing across the globe through the late Seventies and early Eighties. Some even raced and won against much newer machinery well into the Nineties. It’s most significant win came in 1979 at Le Mans

But the most famous individual 935 was the long-tail 935/78 known as Moby Dick. Built by the factory team for Le Mans in 1978, it was fastest on the Mulsanne Straight in qualifying, clocking 228mph. It lined up third on the grid but underperformed somewhat in the race, only finishing eighth behind three customer 935s.

Still, it’s wild looks meant it stuck in the memory more than any other 935 and it is that car that Porsche has modelled the new 935 on. Underneath, it’s a standard 911 GT2 RS – all 700hp of it – while the bodywork is draped in a sweep of carbonfibre-reinforced plastic aping the flat-nose, long-tail Moby Dick.

Only 77 will be built with a price tag of at least £750,000. And it’s not even road legal.

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By Graham King

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