Porsche Classic restores priceless 911 racer

Two years ago, the gorgeous classic Porsche 911 race car you see here was just a pile of bits. But Porsche Classic took pity on it and spent two years restoring it to its former glory?

‘Why bother’, you’re probably wondering. Well, this isn’t just any 911, it’s a real piece of history.

Specifically, it’s a 1972 911 S/T, a factory built racer intended for production-based GT classes. Just 24 were built, powered by a 2.5-litre version of the flat-six engine. It achieved great things too, this very car winning the 3.0-litre GT class in the Le Mans 24 Hours in ’72, owner Michael Keyser driving alongside Sylvain Garant and Porsche factory racer Jurgen Barth.

With that kind of history, you can understand why the current owner decided to invest a not inconsiderable sum of money engaging Porsche itself to restore the ruined car. Not only was it in pieces, the body was in a bad way having suffered crash damage (as seen in the pics here) and being converted to ‘G-model’ spec.

Porsche Classic boss Alexander Fabig said: “The 911 2.5 S/T was rediscovered a few years ago by a collector in the USA – and it was in a really dilapidated condition. Our experts have done an excellent job at restoring the sports car to the highest standards.”

Wonderful understatement, there. It’s lucky the car wasn’t sent for scrap and now it’s probably better than it was when it left the factory. In fact, it must now be one of the most valuable 911s on the planet, guaranteed entry to all the best events. We just hope the owner is willing to use it as originally intended; regardless of its history or value, a race car should always be raced.

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