Porsche says Paul Walker to blame for his own death

Porsche has answered a wrongful death lawsuit filed against it by Meadow Walker, daughter of Paul Walker, by claiming he was responsible for his own death in a car crash in 2013.

Ms Walker’s suit alleges the Carrera GT her father was travelling in is “a dangerous car that doesn’t belong on the road.” It also cites a number of supposed safety defects that contributed to Walker’s death, including the seat belt design. According to the complaint: “This snapped Walker’s torso back [on impact] with thousands of pounds of force, thereby breaking his ribs and pelvis, flattening his seat and trapping him in a supine position, where he remained alive until the vehicle erupted into flames one minute and 20 seconds later.”

In its response, Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) notes that Walker was a “knowledgeable and sophisticated user” of the Carrera GT and that he was well aware of the dangers of driving a car described in the Porsche Technik service manual as “a racing car licensed for use on the roads.”

The Carrera GT, powered by a mid-mounted 600bhp V10 engine, is notoriously tricky to handle at the limit, but those limits are theoretically higher than can reasonably be reached on the public road.

PCNA goes on to allege that the Carrera GT was “abused and altered in a manner that was not reasonably foreseeable to PCNA,” and that it was “misused and improperly maintained.” That is probably a reference to the original investigation into the crash, which found the car was using 9-year old tyres.

In conclusion, PCNA says that “Mr Walker’s death, and all other injuries and damages claimed, were the result of Mr Walker’s own comparative fault.”

Both Meadow Walker and Porsche have requested a jury trial.

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