Protect Your Car

Despite alarm systems being fitted as standard and an increase in video surveillance over the years, here’s some advice on how to further reduce the chances of a car break-in or theft.

  • Try to use a car park with the ‘ParkMark’ logo which means it has achieved basic standards of security – but remember that you have no consumer rights in a car park and the car park operator has no legal responsibility whatsoever to protect your car.
  • Thieves will break into homes to get the keys to steal a car. If your car is high value, check the security of your home.
  • Don’t leave the keys in the ignition when filling up your car with fuel or warming it up – remember your insurance could be invalidated if you do and your car is stolen.
  • Don’t leave a satnav fitting on display, and rub off any ring left on the windscreen by the suction pad – a thief will smash the window and go straight to the glove compartment to find it.
  • Never store your car’s documents within it and keep the glove box empty, leaving it open to make it clear there isn’t anything inside.
  • Consider fitting a vehicle tracking device to help track and find your car if it gets stolen.

Remember, the value of property stolen from your car may be relatively low, but the cost of repair to the car will be considerably more, not to mention the inconvenience, so vigilance and common sense could save you money and hassle.

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