Quadro Big Q is quite the utility vehicle

We don’t normally do bikes here at Only Motors but we are making an exception here as we’re not entirely convinced this is a bike.

The Quadro 4 is currently the world’s only leaning four-wheel vehicle and quite a good one as we found out earlier this year when we had the opportunity to spend a few days with one.

Despite the success of the Quadro 4, Quadro haven’t rested on their laurels as they recently unveiled a tougher, stronger, go anywhere Quadro concept called the “Big Q” at the Worldwide Motorcycle Exhibition EICMA.

The Quadro Big Q builds on the Quadro 4’s two-wheel drive, double HTS Hydraulic Tilting System that provides an innovative and safe alternative to this form of transport. However they decided to turn things up a few notches.

The Big Q concept expands on what Quadro call their SUV (“Safe” Utility Vehicle) range. The Quadro 4 Big Q demonstrates the capabilities of the SUV range with its enhanced off road ability, super tough construction and advanced two-wheel drive that now utilises a double electronic Hydraulic Tilting System.

All of that tech wizardry provides a safe, fun and capable ride in all terrain conditions.

New kit on the Quadro Big Q includes high intensity LED illumination, ultra strong sump and skid plates and new more powerful 630cc “super-mono” engine. Again we don’t normally do bikes so we can’t tell you what super-mono means but we can only imagine it’s a good thing.

Grip and stability is enhanced thanks to Quadro’s patented active HTS technology which features electronic control to actively adapt to all road conditions. The two-wheel drive system has a self-locking differential and new to the Big Q are lightweight alloy wheels and oversized all terrain tyres.

While it’s only in concept form currently, we do hope that Quadro make the Big Q to continue to bring their form of excitement on and off the road.

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