Quentin’s not so crisp rally flip

Quentin Gilbert rally crash

NOW this is shocking.

Not the hair-raising crash, but that the World Rally Championship-2 driver is called Quentin Gilbert.

A rally driver called Quentin?

Surely someone with a name like that should be playing polo with Prince Harry?

Anyhow for this Quentin, this driving wasn’t crisp.

The Frenchman was roaring round the dusty stages of the Rally Portugal and didn’t want to disappoint the bulging crowds surrounding this particular jump hoping to see something spectacular.

Quentin Gilbert
Quentin Gilbert

Well they got more than they bargained for as they got a sun tan. Gilbert and his co-driver Renaud Jamoul took off in heart-stopping fashion but landed nose-down, sending their Skoda into a flip.

We’re glad to say that both Gilbert and Jamoul were fine, managing to escape the smoking car and inform oncoming cars of the rather large, mangled Skoda over the blind crest.

The moral of this story?

Maybe Quentin should stick to polo.

Horses clearly like jumping more than horsepower does.

Phil Lanning

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