Rally close to disaster horror crash

Tomasz Kasperczyk Ford Fiesta ERC rally crash

THIS is the terrifying moment rally ace Tomasz Kasperczyk needed a new pair of pants.

The Czech driver managed to turn the latest round of the ERC at Rally Islas Canaries into a scene from The Italian Job.

In the clip, Kasperczyk can be seen driving his R5 Ford Fiesta along a winding road conveniently located on the edge of a cliff.

Kasperczyk approaches the second turn a little too hot and his vehicle loses traction, sending him right into the guardrail.

Tomasz Kasperczyk Ford Fiesta ERC rally crash
Tomasz Kasperczyk Ford Fiesta ERC rally crash

Luckily, the rail did exactly what it was intended to do, and kept Kasperczyk on the right side of the cliff, barely.

Luckily, Tomasz and his co-driver scrambled out of the passenger door where they unravelled a handy piece of paper with ‘OK’ printed on it, waved it at the helicopter to let the crew know they were all good, before rushing up the road to prevent the next competitor doing the same and spearing off the side of the road.

That’s what you really call squeaky bum time.

Phil Lanning

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