Evoque better than Posh’s solo career

Range Rover Evoque Landmark

THE Evoque is officially the most desirable compact SUV in the world.

Who says so? Just over 600,000 buyers, that’s who.

Yep that staggering amount has been sold over the past six years – double the amount of ‘normal’ Rangies.

From the minute Victoria Beckham posed next to one of the first editions in Beijing in 2010, this was always going to be a major success story.

Victoria Beckham with Evoque
Victoria Beckham with Evoque

In fact the Evoque has probably sold more than Posh in her solo career.

As you would expect, Rangie have unleashed a sparkly new special edition to celebrate this momentus occasion.

Say hello to the Range Rover Evoque Landmark. It’s signature colour is Moraine Blue – which is a bit too close to ‘Marlene’ from Only Fools And Horses for our liking.

But her old man Boycie would love this sweet little runner.

Moraine is actually inspired by the turquoise blue lakes of the Canadian Rockies, so the Rangie marketing bods tell us.

It also comes in white and grey but the rest of the body kit rocks as well.

Range Rover Evoque Landmark
Range Rover Evoque Landmark

You also get a subtle body kit, dark grey exterior trims, 19in alloys and some brushed satin trim inside.

There’s a few extra gadgety extras too like keyless entry, hands-free hatchback and a fixed glass roof.

The Landmark edition and glitzy bits are available on the 178bhp diesel Evoque, with the manual costing £39,000, and the best model automatic £40,840.

Range Rover Evoque Landmark
Range Rover Evoque Landmark

But the Evoque Landmark does NOT makes its debut not at a motor show. It is unveiled at the Royal Windsor Horse Show on May 10.

The Evoque will be the biggest thoroughbred winner. Obviously.

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