Rangie goes ‘driverless’ on school run!

Range Rover Sport autonomous

THE school run is the most terrifying car journey of the day.

Screaming kids running everywhere, mums and dads abandoning huge 4x4s anywhere they can while their snotty-nosed little oik sticks his packed lunch sandwich to the back window.

Stressful doesn’t even come close.

However, Range Rover might just be the latest firm to take all the heartache out of this daily grind.

This RR Sport is now in full swing autonomous driving testing. Apparently it’s been programmed with ‘level four’ automation which means it can weave its way through a city, obey traffic lights, junctions and negotiate roundabouts.

What that means is that when you want to drive, you have the choice to drive.

But if you want to do your kids homework, watch last night’s The Grand Tour or pluck your eyebrows you can simply take hands off steering wheel, feet off pedals and let the Rangie do the rest.

I’ve ‘driven’ or ‘co-piloted’ an autonomous Volvo S60 on a Swedish motorway in Gothenburg and it’s a truly surreal experience. But the technology is here and almost robust enough to be used in day-to-day vehicles.

Whether you fear it or not, autonomous cars are coming in a big way. By 2025 it’s an industry expected to be worth around £900billion.

JLR is working with lots of other partners in the UK to develop both semi and fully autonomous vehicles as part of the £20million UK Autodrive research and development project.

This is because the UK wants to be the forefront of connected and autonomous innovation, taking on the likes of the US, America, Japan and Sweden.

The first set of Range Rover Sport trials on public roads in the UK are due in Milton Keynes and Coventry by the end of this year.

However, no word from Rangie whether it can cope with the school run.

Phil Lanning

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