Renault Twingo GT is a tiny tearaway

Renault has given its Twingo city car more power, sharper handling and sportier styling to create the Renault Twingo GT. And it looks like a proper bundle of fun.

Under the boot floor (the Twingo is rear-engined) lives a 900cc, three-cylinder turbo engine producing 108bhp and 125lb/ft of torque. That’s up 19bhp on what the motor usually develops; the extra comes courtesy of a new intake system and revised mapping. The gearing has been changed, too, to make the best use of the oomph.

The Twingo GT rides on 17in wheels and lowered suspension. Recalibrated stability control and steering complete the chassis mods, resulting in “precise cornering and outstanding road holding,” claims Renault.

What we really what to know, though, is what the Twingo GT is like when you turn the electronic nannies off, if indeed you can. You can’t in lesser Twingos – they’re rather over-cautious, too – and any silliness just results in massive understeer.

With its rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive layout and a decent slug of power, there’s potential for the Twingo GT to be a right barrel of laughs. If only Renault will allow it.

Big air intakes, a twin exhaust and jazzy interior details finish it off. There’s a choice of four colours, but you really want the orange pictured here.

The Renault Twingo GT goes on sale this winter, after debuting at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Prices will be announced nearer launch.

Now, Volkswagen just needs to confirm it will build an Up GT to battle the Twingo.

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