Retro-styled Jannarelly Design-1 costs £38k

Dubai-based start-up Jannarelly has taken the wraps off its retro-styled Design-1 sports car.

The Jannarelly Design-1 is the work of Anthony Jannarelly, the stylist behind the Lykan Hypersport. He took inspiration from classics of the Fifties and Sixties, particularly the legendary Ferrari 250 Testarossa.

But the technology is bang up-to-date, the bodywork rendered in carbonfibre and other composites. The chassis is a simple tubular frame with a mid-mounted 3.5-litre V6 sourced from Nissan, doling out power to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox.

Jannarelly is apparently open to fitting other powertrains is customers present him with a big enough cheque. Not that the Design-1 is all that expensive, with a price tag in the region of £38,000 (before taxes and delivery). That puts it in the same ballpark as the Lotus Elise.

20 firm orders are already on the books, with around another 80 people interested. A UK dealer hasn’t been appointed yet, but French concern Marcassus is the main European agent.

We’ve no idea what it’s like to drive, but on the face of it the Jannarelly looks like a interesting alternative to the Lotuses, Caterhams and Zenoses of this world.

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