Rezvani Beast X is a 700bhp Ariel Atom

There is a universe where the skeletal Ariel Atom isn’t quite extreme enough. Enter the Rezvani Beast, which adds a full carbonfibre body and ups power to 500bhp.

But there is yet another universe where even that isn’t enough. Which leads us to this, the Rezvani Beast X. ‘X’ presumably stands for ‘xtremely powerful’. As in 700bhp.

The Beast X retains the 2.4-litre Honda Accord engine fitted at US-market Atoms, but to realise such monstrous power Rezvani has added not one, but two Borg Warner turbos. Plus uprated internals, including forged pistons and valves.

Power goes through a six-speed manual gearbox, or optional sequential unit. The chassis is heavily modified to cope; adjustable Bilstein dampers, huge brakes, anti-roll bars like Dwayne Johnson’s arms and 19in wheels have been added, as well.

With all the extra stuff, the Beast X is quite a lot heavier than the Atom but it’s still no porker, tipping the scales at just 839kg. Rezvani claims a 0-60mph time of 2.5secs, about as long as it takes to say it. That’s only a 0.2secs improvement over the standard car; we suspect getting the power isn’t easy.

Rezvani will only built five examples of the Beast X. Clearly, the population of the universe where it is enough isn’t very big. And it probably gets smaller when you factory in the massive price. There’s no other way of saying it: it’s $325,000 (about £215,000).

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