Awesome ride-on forklift truck

Recently we showed you this awesome kid’s engine repair toy set. Now we’ve found this equally awesome ride-on fork like truck.

Replicating the German Linde 394 forklift, it’s pedal-powered and has a working lift. A hand-crank raises and lowers the lift, which locks in place with a lever, and the forks tilt back to keep the thing stable. Just like a real forklift.  A plastic pallet with a 6.5 pound capacity comes with it.

A chain drive turns the back wheels, while the plastic tyres have rubber traction strips. It’s made from sturdy ABS plastic with steel axles, steering rod and pedals.

Unfortunately, the forklift is kids-only as the seat supports about 8 stone. Besides, you’d have to contort yourself under the canopy to get on it.

Then again, YouTube is full of adults riding around on Little Tikes cars, so where there’s a will (and enough booze) there’s usually a way.

The forklift costs $319.95 (£198.74 at the time of writing). It’s yet more proof that kids’ toys are just better now.

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