Meet the awesome drift tank you need right now

What’s the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen? Well, whatever it is you can forget it, because this is by far the most awesomest thing we’ve ever seen and probably will ever see.

It’s the Ripsaw EV2, a sort of rapid-response military personnel carrier built by (deeply) American defence contractor Howe & Howe. And when we say ‘rapid’, we really mean ‘bloody fast’. We’ve no idea what powers the beast, but the smaller EV1 uses a GM-sourced Duramax V8 diesel, so the EV2 has at least that.

Whatever, it’s clearly very quick. And very drifty. Tanks aren’t known for having pin-sharp handling, but you can clearly throw the Ripsaw around like a rally car. It’s a drift tank. How can that not be awesome?

We’ve no idea how much the Ripsaw EV2 costs, but we suggest you sell everything you have so you can buy one. House, kidneys – whatever it takes.

Video via Youtube/Howe&Howe

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